Raizer band is back with new single and music video!

Raizer band, broke the silence and release new single, “Free.” This single is a multi genre mix of alt/rock/metal and drum and bass.Heavy guitars attack the listener right away, with punchy, laid-back beats and dubstep like electronic effects tightening and thickening the sound. Music is in balance between electronics and djent guitars. Also Raizer brand new music video for the track “Fall. Expect, it`s coming out soon in July.


Raizer band – feel the power

Raizer band. Anthony vocalRaizer is a young but progressive music project focused upon the idea of human survival in the cyberpunk apocalyptic reality. The style is formed by mighty drum’n’bass, anthemic rock, powerful vocal, synth-wave and experimental genres.

Challenging music

General tone of their work can be described as extremely dynamic and action-provoking. Almost all soundtracks, like Fall or debut single AI, demonstrate impulsive beets and roaring sound effects that boost up listener’s energy.

Take rocking power along

It’s presumably one of those electronic groups that are few and far between to push people towards victory. Soundtrack We are the future builds up an impulse for physical activity.Sportsmen and those who want to keep fit would definitely savor Raizer effect during hot training.The drive and power of impetuous tracks will suit running or hardcore workout. Obviously, Raizer band can easily whip up a crowd. Genuine electro lovers will certainly make this promising artist as part of their collection.

“Raizer” stands for energy

Raizer band at photo shootRaizer is a relatively young but undoubtedly promising music project. Their field of creation is industrial electro with elements of anthemic rock, drum ’n’ bass and progressive synth-wave. Also the group frequently employs various sound effects that are relative to dubstep and some other modern techno genres.Core style and concept are reflected in the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of cyberpunk world. The energetic rhythm, general mood and strong lyrics are pushing the listener towards lust for life and survival. Most of the soundtracks demonstrate this powerful motivation and make you feel high. The best example of music work in this respect is single We are the future.

From the start to success

Formed in 2014 by four ambitious musicians, Raizer band shook music community with debut single – AI. It received a warm welcome and extremely positive response from the admirers of electro music.Music project is rapidly gaining its progress thanks to the diligent efforts of the artists. Vlad (bass), Andrew (beat and groove) and Mike (guitar). Anthony, who is a singer and band’s leader, plays keyboard and violin. All are talented and skilled musicians with a thirst for new experiments. That is what they do in the search of their own style.Guys find inspiration in the works of prominent examples of the genre like Blue Stahli, Linkin Park, KoRn, Celdweller, Skrillex and Pendulum. Despite vigorous and slashing tune of the music in general, Raizer’s zest is opened up in the pulsebeat. It is stimulating and act-provoking. This very trait is what really makes real band so outstanding.

“Raizer” stands for energy

This innovative electro music squad is steadily conquering music stage single by single. Unique melodies and heavy basses are intriguing, not to mention the text. Soundtrack called Fall, for instance, builds up an exceedingly strong will to live.

Indeed, entirely every record in the group’s collection can be described as productive. You can easily use it as music for workout in everyday training like a house on fire. What you get from the crazy blend of electro and rock music – is the pure drive. Swift and melodic tracks make your blood rush through the veins with energy.

It is almost impossible to perceive lively and dynamic tempo without inevitable need for action. If you are not going to impress your guests at a techno house party, at least it may become a perfect music for running. Active and open-minded people, especially sportsmen, will surely enjoy this project.

Raizer band – fresh and inspiring

Raizer FallRaizer band is a musical project creating within and outside the bounds of electronic and anthemic rock, drum ’n’ bass and synth-wave. Their work is widely open and often experimental. Some soundtracks are more lyrical and calm (We are the future) while others (AI or Fall) are powerful and dynamic.

Closer look at the crew

The project was born in 2014 as a fresh and driving team of four musicians. Anthony is the leader and vocal, Vlad is bass, Mike plays the guitar, Andrew gives beat and groove to the band.

Wait for the drive and enjoy the ride

Raizer may remind of such prominent artists as Skrillex, Pendulum or Blue Stahli. Also musicians are drawing inspiration from classical examples of nu metal and alternative rock. Admirers of KoRn, Linkin Park or Celldweller would be more than just delighted by Raizer’s art. Although the group is young it has already entered world music arena with individual style. Their music enthralls with remarkable atmosphere of cyberpunk and mighty will to survival.

Raizer music for extreme actions (magazine review)

Raizer AI coverRaizer builds up an example of an innovative industrial electronic music within the atmosphere of post-apocalypse and cyberpunk. Main ingredients of this delicious project are anthemic rock, brisk and agile singing, drum’n’bass and synth-wave.The highlight of the project for sure is the extremely dynamic pace, mighty beat and idea of survival. You become almost addicted to the single AI because of its passion and drive. While We are the future gains success by the lyrics and performance.Soundtrack Fall describes this peculiarity to the best advantage. It’s a living embodiment of human will to live and strong hope for the better life, even if the entire world is crushing to the dust.Raizer band is relatively green in the world of progressive electro music. However, this very feature makes it so thrilling to observe style transformations. Group members are not afraid of experimenting with different genres, techniques and sound effects. As a result Raizer dish acquires unmistakable taste.

Modern band

Raizer music band plays live in detroit.Musicians with guitars playing rock.Raizer is a modern band made of 4 young musicians coming from the Eastern Europe and belonging to such musical stream as electronic rock. It debuted with the single “A.I.” which is available for downloading everywhere at the moment. In addition to this, it released more soundtracks which are also as popular as their first one, for example “Fall” or “We Are the Future”. Thus, the Raizer band is an impetuously developing one with great perspectives, and the reason for this is the fact that their music stands for a creative and unusual mixture of musical styles predestined to excite the humans’ minds and make their hearts burn.The motto of the band is “Raizer is the soundtrack to your survival”. It roots from the idea that the members of the band are the fighters against the future doomsday, so they use just a single weapon in this fight, namely, their electronic rock music which is created to make people rise and aliens – step back. Aggressive and wild, but still absorbing and inspiring, this music can make anyone move and act.Consequently, the active and impulsive music created by the Raizer can be useful in various real-life environments apart from the usual enjoyment provided by a good piece of music. Thus, choosing music for workout, one can appeal to this band and benefit its tracks while being in a gym or training at home. It can also be suitable as the music for running because of its ability to give an impulse or impetus to any person. Moreover, it will be loved by the fans of synths, strong guitar manifestations, elevating melodies and stuff like these, because all these elements are present in the musical products of the Raizers. As to the components of the formation, there are four essential ones: vocals, guitar, bass and drums, distributed among the four members of the band. These form the solid basis of the ongoing musical creations which finally become a special symphony of uncommon sounds. The tracks are being recorded by FiXT – a well known American record company.

Press about Raizer band

RAIZER_GUITARISTSRaizer band, electronic rock, industrial, electro, beat and groove, music, hardcore, drum and bass, synth-wave, anthemic rock. Raizer is a progressive music project of highly dynamic electronic rock. Core style if formed by the mood of industrial, post-apocalyptic world, filled with dark but energetic sounds. The main idea can be described as survival encouraging in the aggressive atmosphere of cyberpunk. The group uses an extremely vigorous and motivating mix of drum ’n’ bass, synth-wave, anthemic rock and powerful vocal. Furthermore, a variety of hardcore electronic effects transform every soundtrack into a mighty impulse for action. The most remarkable examples of their art are tracks Fall and We are the future. Raizer band consists of four innovative musicians: Anthony (vocals, keyboards, violin) Andrew (beat and groove), Vlad (bass) and Mike (guitar). They joined efforts under leadership of Anthony in 2014 and produced remarkable debut single called AI. The results of band’s creativity are impressive. Their powerful and rushing music makes tremendous duet with memorable lyrics and generates strong desire to live.

raizer band brutal music band from europe new artist

raizer band brutal music band from europe new artistRaizer band is a four young musicians singing in English, whose story begins in 2014 in Eastern Europe. They are playing music, which can be described like mix of rock and electronic and was inspired by artists like Celdweller, Blue Stahli, KoRn, Skrillex, Linkin Park, Pendulum and others.

Raizer released three singles by now. AI, Fall and We are the future can be listened at https://raizer.bandcamp.com/. All of them were highly acclaimed by critics. Guys are grow in this music direction and continue to record new songs and touring also. With their visual style and effects their concerts give the great experience.

One can say that Raizer is one of the most interesting young artists in Eastern Europe, and acquaintance with their music is highly recommended.

Review from music critic

Raizer is a new band, which style is electronic rock.


Raizer is a relatively new band which style of music can be described as a mixture of dubstep and rock, more precisely – electronic rock. The Raizer band was formed in 2014 by its vocalist Anthony and in May, 2016 has already released 3 songs under FiXT record label, they are available for downloading. The band consists of 4 members: Anthony (vocal), Mike (guitar), Vlad (bass guitar) and Andrew (beats). Their quartet is a perfect team for making music of a really good quality with a nice balance of genres. Guys themselves tell that their sound was inspired by such famous and acknowledged musicians as Celldweller, Pendulum, Skrillex and Linkin Park. There are many more artists that influenced Raizer, but the mentioned ones can make it easier to imagine what the group’s sound is for anyone.


AI is Raizer’s debut single, its start is very fast and upbeat and can make you fall for this band immediately. AI is full of energy and gives a feeling of gloominess, yet it doesn’t oppress you, but galvanize into action. The song is like telling you to start fighting. It is great to listen to during your workouts, this is a perfect music for running. Not only the melody is aggressive (in a positive way), but the lyrics too. The sound can be even called dramatic and epic.

We Are The Future

The second song gives the same vibe as the first one. It can make you feel motivated and eager to do something. Again, this is a great music for workout. This song will change your mood really fast, it says there is nothing impossible, so go ahead and fight, change the current situation, make it better. As it goes from the title, “we are the future”, this phrase is repeated throughout the song and makes you feel like a superhero who is ready to have a battle…With whom? Well, it is up to you to decide.


The last song is also quite dramatic. It is a bit slower and more melodic. Here you can enjoy great vocals. The sound is simply beautiful, it is emotional and strong, as well.To sum it up, Raizer is good at combining rock and electronic music. If you are into these genres you should definitely listen to this band. For those who enjoy classic rock sound with nice vocals and for those who prefer modern EDM and dubstep – Raizer is a perfect choice.

Feedback from anonymous Raizer fan

 Impressive music  from Raizer band.Fun feedback.Just found out about Raizer. Didn’t expect them to be that professional! Although these guys are rookies, their sound is very impressive. No doubt, this is a high-quality staff. Talking about the songs, I really liked AI and We Are The Future. The first song kinda gives the same vibe as Linkin Park in the beginning and then you have really cool electronic parts there. The same goes for the song We Are The Future, but it’s more of an aggressive style, which makes you feel energized and willing to do something as fast as you can. Overall, I love this combination of rock and EDM, these are my two favorite genres in music. So, I’m happy that I found the Raizer band. As I know, they also released one more song called Fall. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a chance to listen to it, but I definitely will! I’m sure, it is just as good as what I’ve already listened to. Can’t wait for their album! It will be a bomb! If you don’t know about this group, check it out, you won’t regret.