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Raizer is a trio performing future rock. Raizer signed to FiXT in 2015 after label-owner, Klayton (Celldweller), was impressed by a demo submission the band made via Soundcloud. Taking the project under his wing, Klayton paired the band with renowned producer/mixer Sebastian Komor (Icon of Coil, Komor Kommando, Squarehead) to co-produce and mix the album. Embracing FiXT’s expanding vision of electronic-rock, Raizer’s debut album is a tour de force of modern music production. Raizer is a relatively young but undoubtedly promising music project. Their field of creation is industrial electro with elements of anthemic rock, drum ’n’ bass and progressive synth-wave. Also the group frequently employs various sound effects that are relative to dubstep and some other modern techno genres.Core style and concept are reflected in the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of cyberpunk world. The energetic rhythm, general mood and strong lyrics are pushing the listener towards lust for life and survival. On September 10th 2021 Raizer band released their second studio album.So long awaited by the fans. Album masterfully blends influences from modern rock, metal, and drum and bass for a sound that is unmistakably their own. This high-octane recording includes all of the band’s recent hit singles, including “Phoenix,” “Explode,” and “Free,” along with new, never-before-heard creations.