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Press about Raizer band

Raizer band, electronic rock, industrial, electro, beat and groove, music, hardcore, drum and bass, synth-wave, anthemic rock. Raizer is a progressive music project of highly dynamic electronic rock. Core style if formed by the mood of industrial, post-apocalyptic world, filled with dark but energetic sounds. The main idea can be described as survival encouraging in the aggressive atmosphere of cyberpunk. The group uses an extremely vigorous and motivating mix of drum โ€™nโ€™ bass, synth-wave, anthemic rock and powerful vocal. Furthermore, a variety of hardcore electronic effects transform every soundtrack into a mighty impulse for action. The most remarkable examples of their art are tracks Fall and We are the future. Raizer band consists of four innovative musicians: Anthony (vocals, keyboards, violin) Andrew (beat and groove), Vlad (bass) and Mike (guitar). They joined efforts under leadership of Anthony in 2014 and produced remarkable debut single called AI. The results of bandโ€™s creativity are impressive. Their powerful and rushing music makes tremendous duet with memorable lyrics and generates strong desire to live.