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Raizer music for extreme actions (magazine review)

Raizer builds up an example of an innovative industrial electronic music within the atmosphere of post-apocalypse and cyberpunk. Main ingredients of this delicious project are anthemic rock, brisk and agile singing, drum’n’bass and synth-wave.The highlight of the project for sure is the extremely dynamic pace, mighty beat and idea of survival. You become almost addicted to the single AI because of its passion and drive. While We are the future gains success by the lyrics and performance.Soundtrack Fall describes this peculiarity to the best advantage. It’s a living embodiment of human will to live and strong hope for the better life, even if the entire world is crushing to the dust.Raizer band is relatively green in the world of progressive electro music. However, this very feature makes it so thrilling to observe style transformations. Group members are not afraid of experimenting with different genres, techniques and sound effects. As a result Raizer dish acquires unmistakable taste.