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“We are the future” playthrough or how Raizer plays on synths via guitars.

Mike and Vlad plays Industrial Radio MIDI Guitar & Bass.Which are at the same time full-fledged guitars and midi controllers.
Raizer’s musicians have always wanted to combine many completely different styles such as rock, electronic, drum and bass. But none of them were keyboardists to curb synthesizers. It was possible, of course, to program everything in DAW. But for the guys it was important to play all the instruments live.
That is why Anthony started looking for suitable instruments to perform. He started with his favorite Muse band. Matthew used interesting Manson guitars. In which there were a lot of bells and whistles: a sustainer, a screen for controlling some parameters. But this guitars couldn’t play full synth parts. The first to be found and purchased was – Rock Band 3 Squier Pro Guitar. Unfortunately it was a bad as controller and as guitar . Only for playing “Guitar Hero” but not for real performance.And then, after a long search, Anthony came across a bass guitar from Industrial Radio. They didn’t make regular 6 string guitars.Anthony contacted the Industrial Radio team, James and Steve Chick, and after talking they decided to make the first guitar for Raizer. The guys had to wait long enough because the guitar was developed practically from scratch.
As a result, Raizer got a guitar and bass with the ultimate midi transmission quality, as well as great guitars with a modern sound. Many thanks to Steve Chick for great musical instruments.Everything you see is performed live except for the second take of the guitar and the backing tracks. The recording was done in Mike’s old studio.This song still plays a big role for us because it was the beginning of Raizer band.It is not in vain that he has such magical power and has such a powerful semantic message as “We are the future”. It was this track that inspired us to get together under a new name. And move forward. And in the end it was this track that impressed Klayton and he invited Raizer to his FIXT label.