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Feedback from anonymous Raizer fan

Impressive music from Raizer band.Fun feedback.

Just found out about Raizer. Didn’t expect them to be that professional! Although these guys are rookies, their sound is very impressive. No doubt, this is a high-quality staff. Talking about the songs, I really liked AI and We Are The Future. The first song kinda gives the same vibe as Linkin Park in the beginning and then you have really cool electronic parts there. The same goes for the song We Are The Future, but it’s more of an aggressive style, which makes you feel energized and willing to do something as fast as you can. Overall, I love this combination of rock and EDM, these are my two favorite genres in music. So, I’m happy that I found the Raizer band. As I know, they also released one more song called Fall. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a chance to listen to it, but I definitely will! I’m sure, it is just as good as what I’ve already listened to. Can’t wait for their album! It will be a bomb! If you don’t know about this group, check it out, you won’t regret.