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Review from music critic

Raizer band


Raizer is a relatively new band which style of music can be described as a mixture of dubstep and rock, more precisely – electronic rock. The Raizer band was formed in 2014 by its vocalist Anthony and in May, 2016 has already released 3 songs under FiXT record label, they are available for downloading. The band consists of 4 members: Anthony (vocal), Mike (guitar), Vlad (bass guitar) and Andrew (beats). Their quartet is a perfect team for making music of a really good quality with a nice balance of genres. Guys themselves tell that their sound was inspired by such famous and acknowledged musicians as Celldweller, Pendulum, Skrillex and Linkin Park. There are many more artists that influenced Raizer, but the mentioned ones can make it easier to imagine what the group’s sound is for anyone.


AI is Raizer’s debut single, its start is very fast and upbeat and can make you fall for this band immediately. AI is full of energy and gives a feeling of gloominess, yet it doesn’t oppress you, but galvanize into action. The song is like telling you to start fighting. It is great to listen to during your workouts, this is a perfect music for running. Not only the melody is aggressive (in a positive way), but the lyrics too. The sound can be even called dramatic and epic.

We Are The Future

The second song gives the same vibe as the first one. It can make you feel motivated and eager to do something. Again, this is a great music for workout. This song will change your mood really fast, it says there is nothing impossible, so go ahead and fight, change the current situation, make it better. As it goes from the title, “we are the future”, this phrase is repeated throughout the song and makes you feel like a superhero who is ready to have a battle…With whom? Well, it is up to you to decide.


The last song is also quite dramatic. It is a bit slower and more melodic. Here you can enjoy great vocals. The sound is simply beautiful, it is emotional and strong, as well.To sum it up, Raizer is good at combining rock and electronic music. If you are into these genres you should definitely listen to this band. For those who enjoy classic rock sound with nice vocals and for those who prefer modern EDM and dubstep – Raizer is a perfect choice.